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Author: Alessia Lovreglio
Performers: Alessia Lovreglio, Lenka Kristiánová
Choreography: Alessia Lovreglio
Set and Costumes Design: Lenka Kristiánová
Dramaturgy: Edward Karow Wilson
Music: Original composition of field recordings and „Gamma Volantis“ of Francesco Massaro from cd „Bestiario Marino“, desuonatori.it
Sound editing live performance and trailer edit: Tomáš Hájek

Blurry identities, distorted mirrors, hidden realities, self/otherness, presence/absence, appearance/disappearance, the in-between.
„35mmemory“ is a project of dance and design freely inspired by the imagery of Francesca Woodman, between light and shadow, and developed as reflection on our current image conscious society, on what appears real and disappears as memory.